Who we are

We believe we can change the world through creative storytelling.Our Story begins with our experiences in  marketing, Advertisement, web development, Content architecture ,Tv production and film making.We have the ideas, we create and we transform companies into brands.Our work is inspired by art, Passion and one simple principle – the human truth of being connected, to feel, to live and to experience. Everyone has a magical story to tell, we help you find that story and get the crowd to fall in love with that story.Connecting them to the story through transmedia digital and social channels.Now that you know who we are , let’s create your story and build your brand – it’s not marketing, it’s immersive and real, we believe that by telling enough meaningful stories, the commerce will follow.

What Makes Us Different

We are a team of multicultural backgrounds driven to disrupt the industry through the integration of technology with traditional and digital media landscapes. Our collective experiences as marketers, developers, creatives and strategists make us adapt to different  challenges and create groundbreaking solutions for our client. With Tanzanian market in mind- we know who is where, what they’re doing and the best ways to interact with them.

Our Team

Brands and stories is a full service digital creative agency with strong cultural and storytelling capabilities, elevating brands through digital integrated practice.

Fahad Gulam
Device Ferdinand
Junior designer
Baguma Ambari
General Manager/Lead Strategist
Steven Ferdinand
Junior designer
Paul Charles
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